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handsonvisualstudio is a website that we (MEA ALM Community) created based on Brian keller’s Virtual Machine and HOLs to experience, learn & practice Visual Studio 2012 via guided, multi-lingual and real-life labs.

Ayman El-Hattab one of the founders and leaders in MEA ALM Community  posted an idea on Visual Studio UserVoice site to take to the next level by

– Translating the 20 available HOLs to other languages and creating videos and DemoMates to explain them (So far, we have the English and Arabic ones only)
– Creating more HOLs to address extra topics and scenarios like Source Control Features, Team Build, SSDT, GIT Integration, Team Explorer Everywhere, Building Java Projects, Customizing TFS Work Items and Workflows and more)

Please vote here if you see this as good idea Smile


About nasrahmed

I'm TFS/ALM Consultant, Agile Associate and Speaker, I love Innovation and Microsoft Team Foundation System because it's the best system for ALM (Application Life Cycle Management). I'm interested in anything related to AGILE because I believe it's the best way for making software. Hope you enjoy my blog.
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