Visual Studio 2012 Launch in Egypt

I’m happy to tell you that there will be a special launch for Visual Studio 2012 in Egypt on Sep 26th in Four Seasons Nile Plaza

VS 2012 launch

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26th of September 2012
Four Seasons Nile Plaza

Visual Studio 2012 Launch

Organizations that are able to move forward with velocity on realizing value opportunities through such modernization investments as Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) stand to attain a competitive advantage in the industries they serve. Organizations that are first to realize such opportunities stand to establish ground as domain leaders. We are excited to announce the release of a new Visual Studio 2012 Launch Event, to help you capitalize on this opportunity immediately.

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I'm TFS/ALM Consultant, Agile Associate and Speaker, I love Innovation and Microsoft Team Foundation System because it's the best system for ALM (Application Life Cycle Management). I'm interested in anything related to AGILE because I believe it's the best way for making software. Hope you enjoy my blog.
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1 Response to Visual Studio 2012 Launch in Egypt

  1. Ramy Nasr says:

    Great article, thanks ahmed 🙂

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