Giving a Session in PConnect : Agile Planning / Development with Visual Studio 2012

I’m so excited to give a session in PConnet

PConnect from Microsoft Middle East and Africa Center of Expertise offers Microsoft’s partners a FREE virtual academy to enrich professional services skills and increase competitiveness across Microsoft solutions’ stack.

I will be participating in giving the following session with Hosam Kamel

Agile Planning / Development with Visual Studio 2012

In this session, we can see how Visual Studio 2012 and Team Foundation Server 2012 support Agile practices, including storyboarding, backlog management, sprint planning, and actionable feedback. Find out how to help your team respond to the unpredictability of building great applications with these adaptable tools and new features.
To receive an invitation, make sure to register to PConnect by contacting us on


See you there Smile

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Vote for to take it to the next level

handsonvisualstudio is a website that we (MEA ALM Community) created based on Brian keller’s Virtual Machine and HOLs to experience, learn & practice Visual Studio 2012 via guided, multi-lingual and real-life labs.

Ayman El-Hattab one of the founders and leaders in MEA ALM Community  posted an idea on Visual Studio UserVoice site to take to the next level by

– Translating the 20 available HOLs to other languages and creating videos and DemoMates to explain them (So far, we have the English and Arabic ones only)
– Creating more HOLs to address extra topics and scenarios like Source Control Features, Team Build, SSDT, GIT Integration, Team Explorer Everywhere, Building Java Projects, Customizing TFS Work Items and Workflows and more)

Please vote here if you see this as good idea Smile


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Visual Studio 2012 Launch in Egypt

I’m happy to tell you that there will be a special launch for Visual Studio 2012 in Egypt on Sep 26th in Four Seasons Nile Plaza

VS 2012 launch

Register to attend
26th of September 2012
Four Seasons Nile Plaza

Visual Studio 2012 Launch

Organizations that are able to move forward with velocity on realizing value opportunities through such modernization investments as Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) stand to attain a competitive advantage in the industries they serve. Organizations that are first to realize such opportunities stand to establish ground as domain leaders. We are excited to announce the release of a new Visual Studio 2012 Launch Event, to help you capitalize on this opportunity immediately.

Register tile



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Learn & practice VS2012 via visual guide, multi-lingual and real-life labs

In MEA ALM Community we are also celebrating Visual Studio 2012 launch too by launching to experience, learn & practice Visual Studio 2012 via guided, multi-lingual and real-life labs


In this amazing site, we have made videos for the all 20 Hands on Labs for the Visual Studio 2012

Hope you enjoy them all Smile

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Team Foundation Server 2012 Agile Project Management Overview

TFS Web Access 2012

I have made a post on MEA ALM Community Blog, showing some of the changed and added new features done in TFS 2012 from project management prospective, the new TFS web access and how it gives a high- level overview of the current iteration, also sprint planning and how it’s easy to adjust it by changing any the information of any task. Also showing task board where you can see the tasks by state and move the tasks from state to state visually.

To read the whole post click here

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MEA ALM Community Site is up

MEA ALM Community[5]

Middle East & Africa ALM Community is an independent, non -profit community, dedicated to supporting, educating, and promoting Microsoft Application Lifecycle Management tools and technologies. The key mission of our community is to provide a strong and vibrant community for the different roles involved in software development and delivery to enable them build better software using Microsoft Visual Studio Tools and Technologies. In MEA ALM Community, our respected Professionals, MVPs and experts will be discussing all the aspects of the Application Lifecycle (Governance, Development, Testing, Maintenance, etc…) as well as the tooling that enables teams to develop better software.

I’m glad to be a community lead in this amazing ALM community

You are welcome to check, join and follow our social channels


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Large collection of Free Microsoft eBooks

Eric Ligman has shared 2 great posts about a lot of free ebooks to download

Here are some books’ titles:

  • Moving to Microsoft Visual Studio 2010
  • Programming Windows 8 Apps
  • Programming Windows Phone 7
  • Office 365 – Connect and Collaborate virtually anywhere, anytime
  • Introducing Microsoft SQL Server 2012
  • Introducing Windows Server 2012
  • Understanding Microsoft Virtualization R2 Solutions
  • etc….

Here are the 2 posts , it contains more than 60 free books (first post, second post)

Also there is an E-Book Gallery for Microsoft Technologies where you can find more Smile

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