Cross Browser Testing with Coded UI Tests

At last the feature that many testers wanted and waited for is NOW available.

Today with the launch of Visual Studio and Team Foundation Server 2012 Update 1, you will find some new test features in Microsoft Test Manager in Visual Studio 2012 Update 1. And the among these features is the one that we waited long for it “ Cross Browser Testing with Coded UI ” Smile

Now users will be able to perform functional testing of web applications across IE/Firefox/Chrome.

System Requirements:

  1. Operating System: Windows 8 X86 Client/Windows 8 X64/Win7 X64/Win7 X86/Win2k8 R2 SP1
  2. IE version – IE9/ classic IE10
  3. Firefox version – 15+
  4. Chrome version – 21+
  5. Visual Studio Ultimate/Premium – VS 2012 RTM  + VS 2012 Update 1 CTP
  6. Selenium NET Bindings and the Selenium ChromeDriver made available to you through an installer on Visual Studio Gallery. Refer to the file attachment “CUIT Cross Browser Testing Acquisition” for more details


The following features are available across the various web browsers:

  • Recording support for actions and validation on supported IE browsers
  • Hand-coding scenarios support for such things as control properties, search, and playback waiters.
  • Support for popups and dialog
  • Ability to execute basic JavaScript with no return type
  • Search resilience (via smart match) and performance improvements

Scenario Videos:

Record on IE and Playback everywhere

Author cross browser tests with Coded UI Test Builder

Author cross browser tests using plain hand coding without UI Map

Run cross browser tests sequentially on multiple browsers

Troubleshoot cross browser test failures

Known Limitations

  1. No support for Safari browser
  2. Browser launch needs to be part of the UITest. In case you have a browser already open and you want to run steps on the opened browser, playback will fail for non-IE browser windows. Hence, it is advisable to have launch too as part of the test case.
  3. Automating browser based actions such as Maximize/minimize/restore is not supported

for more info click here

Happy Testing Smile

About nasrahmed

I'm TFS/ALM Consultant, Agile Associate and Speaker, I love Innovation and Microsoft Team Foundation System because it's the best system for ALM (Application Life Cycle Management). I'm interested in anything related to AGILE because I believe it's the best way for making software. Hope you enjoy my blog.
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10 Responses to Cross Browser Testing with Coded UI Tests

  1. joinsaad says:

    Thanks for the info. I will try that out soon. But I think for web applications selenium is a better choice but may be I am wrong. Correct me if I am.

    • nasrahmed says:

      i didn’t try selenium before
      but what i like about TFS (Microsoft Test Manager) & (coded UI) is how it is very easy to use, and also how to make code coverage for the test cases you run (even if its not automated) this gives you great advatage to see how code coverage by test cases and also how to link your requirement/tasks to test cases to bugs and code coverage (whether manual test cases or automated). you can see all of that in ready made report matrix

  2. nasrahmed says:

    Maybe because Coded UI Test was supporting cross browser testing but for very old versions, and as i can see all the testing tools support latest versins and as i mentioned in my post here, this is an update to Coded UI that just came out 2 days 🙂

    Hope with this new update, it will compete well with the other products. but not sure if not supporting safari will impact that 😀

  3. Madan says:

    I strongly believe there is no straight froward way to handle the Browser window property for Chrome and Firefox while using the Selenium Components for Cross Browser testing for
    Automating browser based actions such as Maximize/minimize/restore. But there is defenitly a work around.

    Mouse.Click({ANY CONTROL ON THE MAINPAGE}, new Point(10, 10));
    Keyboard.SendKeys(“% “, ModifierKeys.None);
    Keyboard.SendKeys(“X”, ModifierKeys.None);

    This managed code has been proven to work on all Browsers while running them using the selenium web drivers.

    Madan LC Saravanan
    Madna L

  4. Amjad Ibrahim Khan says:

    Hi Ahmad,
    I want to share my problem to you. I want to automate an application which I access through remote desktop connection. I try through coded ui but unable to access application. Coded UI does not access remote desktop machine. Waiting your response

    • nasrahmed says:

      Very sorry for my late reply, but coded ui won’t work with remote desktop, as it will be hard for it to capture and record what you are doing

      • Amjad says:

        thanks a lot, for replying. Tell me another thing, may I automate an application (which I access through remote desktop connection) by using Test Controller & Test Agent ??? Please give me reply soon.

      • nasrahmed says:

        Sorry again, if you have the coded ui made for this application then the test agent will run it on that machine or any machine have this application and the test agent on it. but if you mean you still want to make a remote desktop connection and record it then it won’t work.

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