Stand-alone Object Model Installer for TFS 2010 (Sp1)

This is the stand-alone Object Model Installer for TFS 2010 (Sp1). This may be used for developing applications that integrate with TFS 2010.

In other words instead of installing Team Explorer to start develop applications to integrate with TFS2010, here is the small set of DLLs that is needed to do the job.

Download from here: Team Foundation Server 2010 SP1 Object Model Installer

You can find more information about it in Buck Hodges Blog


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I'm TFS/ALM Consultant, Agile Associate and Speaker, I love Innovation and Microsoft Team Foundation System because it's the best system for ALM (Application Life Cycle Management). I'm interested in anything related to AGILE because I believe it's the best way for making software. Hope you enjoy my blog.
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